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Established 1990

Korean Food Homebased

A local trying to be a certified South Korean domestic goddess by recreating South Korean's national delicacy - Kimchi. Inspired by her own allergies, the recipe excludes any animal product, and uses vegetable-based umami-ness.

Record Label

We are a small record label group


The Green Rice is a specialty nasi lemak fast food restaurant. It is rooted with over 30 years of experience serving over four generations of customers from home. We started The Green Rice with a mission of bringing together more families in enjoying our local traditional dish.


Our A&R will seek for musical artist.

Auji Printing

Custom Acrylic Poster

Our acrylic posters are perfect gifts for your loved ones. Perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, graduations and baby showers.

Auji Printing

Acrylic Mock Cheque

Our custom acrylic mock cheques are perfect alternatives for wedding dowry (cash hantaran, belanja hangus and others).

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