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This is a safe space from all things scary, harmful and worrying.

You might have heard a lot about digitalization, new normals and life in lockdown. But what place does a new world like that have for us? This thought can be intimidating and in any new environment, we insist that you put your own health and well-being first in order to feel grounded and supported in this tech-driven landscape.

virtual movie night

Below is a guide to creating the coziest virtual movie night in for you and your loved ones, through a classic bonding activity: MOVIE NIGHT!


  • Pick a movie on Netflix
  • Everyone download Teleparty chrome extension


  • Discord voice channel for group commentary

1. Get Yourself Cozy

Make sure you have:

  • Cozy blankets and pillows
  • Pajamas that make you feel good
  • Matching or quirky socks

Remember that it’s important to use and wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and happy.

2. Food

Movie nights and comfort food are like mandarin ducks; they must come together. For your night of relaxation and quality time, here are our recommendations:


A new restaurant that opened just this year! The author thinks that this is by far one of the best local halal Chinese restaurants.

Samay’s food blends gourmet and classic Chinese/Southeast Asian dishes, to create a comforting and familiar yet decadent experience for your palate.

This restaurant is perfect for families, or if the movie you’re watching is from the godly realms of Hong Kong or Taiwanese cinema (totally underrated, btw) or even something local!

1More Pizza

Pizza is more than just a fast and convenient dinner (when you find the perfect one).

Kuala-Belait has been the home to a new artisan pizza place, since late December 2020. A short list of seven pizza options is totally justifiable when you find yourself deciding between tenderloin steak topping and smoked salmon with blue cheese. It’s a fantastic choice to get yourself in the mood for a romantic slice-of-life, or even a Wes Anderson film.

At the options of 11” or 13”, we recommend getting one pizza for yourself!

Le Keris

Le Keris has been well-known for its surprisingly harmonious blend of Western and Malay cuisine, expanding our local food profiles to our more modern carb preferences. (Or are we the only ones in love with pasta as much as rice?) (Don’t ask me to pick though.)

Almost all foods are sacred to us, so this cuisine is particularly sentimental when we pick a Southeast Asian film for movie night. (Tip: There’s a lesser known award-winning, Singapore-based documentary called Shirkers on Netflix. Thank us later!).

Look, it’s also neatly packaged in a box so you’ll even reduce the chances of spilling your kuah!

Now that our big rainy season is coming up, we hope we’ve inspired you to craft your own cozy, classic movie night à la virtual.

If you happen to take any of our recommendations, let us know what you think and what movie you paired it with! We’d love to chat with you more about it.

Happy watching!

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