Blog #TehTarik: Making SMART New Year Resolutions

2022 is here and if you’re doing your New Year traditions right, you’ve probably been reflecting on the past year and making new year’s resolutions. The thing is… will you stick to them? 

Research has shown that most resolutions are abandoned after a month or two. But this year, yours don’t have to be if you’re making SMART resolutions. By that, we mean Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant & Time-based resolutions.

Most of the time resolutions are made too vague. 

Let’s say you want to lose some weight this year. Go further with the thought and set a target of how much you want to lose and the timeframe to lose that number of kilos. 

You’ll want to keep track of your progress, either by keeping a journal or putting it in an app that helps with tracking habits and behaviors. 

By making it measurable, you’re less likely to abandon your resolution because you’re seeing progress.

Going with the weight loss resolution, it helps to motivate when you do weekly weigh-ins or take before, ongoing (you can do it weekly or monthly), and after photos!

Break down your resolution into bite-sized goals because they’ll be much easier to accomplish and less daunting. You’re closer to achieving when you start with a single step towards making it happen and go from there.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try doing a half marathon. You certainly can’t do it, at least not safely, overnight if you’ve never done it before but you can ease yourself into it by breaking down your training according to smaller milestones that lead up to a half marathon.

How is this resolution relevant to what’s going on in your life now? It must have a meaning to you personally for it to be effective and for you to stay on course.

You’re serious this time about saving up more money. Determine the why – because you want to start traveling again once travel restrictions are lifted or because you have a bigger financial commitment you’re about to make soon.

When you have a deadline to accomplish your resolution, it creates a sense of urgency on making progress with it and makes the resolution even more important.

You’ve been eyeing to buy a new car upfront this year, but you still have $10, 000.00 more to save up before you can make your shiny new purchase. Now you’re making plans to save up and buy it in October as a birthday treat to yourself.

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So, what’s your new year resolution and will you be SMART about it?

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