Apa Saja Cari Sahur Guide for 2023

Salam Ramadhan, and we are here again with more recommendations for you! This time, we’ve bringing you 2023’s sahur places to go to, just for this puasa.

If you need to bring your friends and family out for sahur, or maybe just another option other than your cereals and oatmeals, you’re at the right place. We have options for dine-in, sahur meal plans, and buffets.

Here are the links to the sections we have for our sahur options:

Scroll through and take your pick, or you can click on any of the section links above to jump to that section!

[Updated as of 29 March 2023]

Dine-In Sahur Menu

Feeling classic kopitiam? What about a kopitiam with a modern twist? Yin Yang Cafe is the new cafe at Batu Bersurat, with classic Asian delights, perhaps a bit of a Western fusion. Swipe through the menu for their sahur picks.

Meal Plan

Looking for Ramadhan meal plans? The Seven Sporks is your guy. Visit their IG for the full meal plan menu — trust, your body will thank you with these nutrition-packed meals.

Sahur Saturday

We can’t forget the annual sahur event by the Big BWN Project — Sahur Saturday! The Kontena Park is about to be filled with food and beverage vendors, for those looking for more options in one place.

Uptown Gadong

A new gem we found just around Pasar Malam Gadong: the Uptown Gadong! Hosting their first sahur fest this Ramadhan. Skim through for the vendor line-up; we’re pretty sure your favourites are there. Stay tuned for their opening — we can’t wait!

Open for Sahur

One for our Ramadhan night-owls — those looking to see if their favourite spots are open for Sahur. Here’s our compilation of businesses open in the wee hours to date:

RestaurantCuisinePrice (Adult)Price (Child)District

Sahur Buffet

Last and definitely not the least, the annual sahur buffet line-up you’ve been waiting for. Whether it’s local breakfast, or all-you-can-eat dim sums, we’ve gathered the latest updates for you!

RestaurantCuisinePrice (Adult)Price (Child)District

Hope your Ramadhan has been going well. Don’t skip on your sahur, and take this time to reconnect with your friends and family — perhaps, over a sahur platter and coffee.

If you’re looking for sungkai recommendations instead, click here for Cari Sungkai!

For more shops like these atau apa saja lagi, view the complete Apa Saja directory!

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