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Mental health has become an increasingly popular topic on social media. But what does it really mean? When it comes to taking care of yourself, your personal practice is going to be a life-long commitment. So here’s your reminder to breathe, take a step back and remember: it’s about what works for you!

We’ve outlined a few friendly tips to help you get started. Make sure to check our recommendations for local mental health speakers and practices to gain the most out of your effort!

1. Breathe and meditate

Inhale for 3 counts – Hold for 3 counts – Exhale for 5

Remember to mind your breathing. Circulating oxygen to your brain, heart and body, breathing has been cited as the #1 tool to maintain calmness and grounding your energy. Set aside 5-15 mins every day to focus on your breath with this practice.

2. Exercise

A great way to practice your breath control is through exercise. Whether you pick yoga, pilates, boxing, jump-rope or any other sport, what we want is to get your blood moving and to release your toxins.

Spare 15-20 minutes in your day and let your body feel alive.

3. Clean up

When you’re facing a rut or mind block, it’s a sign to take a step back and clear your head by taking a walk, meditating and exercising. Another effective method is to clean up and tidy your home or environment.

Good personal hygiene also translates to good mental hygiene!

4. Journal

Journaling allows us to see our thoughts down on paper or screen. Give yourself space to express your deepest and/or strongest feelings, without judgment. Your entries will let you release your thoughts while allowing you to keep track of them.

To make full use of this practice, we recommend following journal prompts to guide you towards a safe and productive outcome.

Here are some local resources that can help you get started on that!

Check out the professionals at these local counselling practices for your mental health journey!

More to Bloom Mindfulness

More to Bloom Mindfulness is an online mental health service that revolves around self-practice, sharing support sessions and community growth. Through multiple invited speakers, they conduct regular seminars for group support around a wide range of topics.

From journaling tips, compassion and self-acceptance, to postpartum and self-care on a budget, join any of their sessions for free!

🌐 Check out their Instagram (
📲 Online sessions available

CureHeart Company

CureHeart Company is an online mental health space, aimed at providing support through online workshops and sessions. Host to many local professionals, you’ll find a rich learning resource to aid your journey in understanding yourself. Check out their workshops and sessions Instagram linked below!

🌐 Check out their Instagram (@_cureheart)
📲 Online sessions available

5. Seek professional guidance

All the previous reminders will greatly benefit your day-to-day state of mind, but what about those deeper psychological issues that’s unique in all of us? It can be intimidating to face our inner selves.

We recommend seeking professional guidance to safely help you heal yourself.

Clarity Brunei

Clarity is a counselling practice with a gallery of professionals to provide you with help and a safe healing environment. From private counselling and organisational facilitation, to childhood marriage counselling, contact them for an initial appointment!

🌐 Check out their Instagram (@claritybrunei) or website (
📲 Online sessions available

Relate Counseling

Relate Counselling is a practice that launched its presence in 2020. From their wide range of experience, they provide assistance for those dealing with difficult situations in the form of one-on-one counselling, couple counselling, online sessions and sharing sessions.

Check out their social media in the link below!

🌐 Check out their Instagram (@relate.counseling)
📲 Online sessions available

We wish you good health and the best on your journeys!

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