Pick #5saja: All I Want For Christmas Is

all I want for christmas is...

Do you really want a lot for Christmas? Is there just one thing you need? I’m sure you care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree. Nevertheless, here’s a list of gift ideas inspired by the queen of Christmas herself.

1. Makeup

Mariah Carey looks flawless all year round, and you can too. Besides, one can’t ever have way too much makeup to play around with. This is a sign for you to experiment with shades you’ve never tried before, so pop that eyeshadow and put on that gloss. Don’t forget to take selfies while you’re at it!

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2. Perfume

If you’re still looking for gift ideas, frangranted gifts will never go wrong. Additionally, they can also be visually pleasing- whether it’s sitting on your vanity table or on your Instagram feed.

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3. Pet Pamper

Not going to lie, I lost track of Mariah Carey’s dog count. (Was it 8?) But I do know that she definitely shares her luxurious life with them, and we can too with our pets! While you’re off for a spa day, drop your pets for a grooming session too!

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4. Photoshoots

Why be behind a camera when you can be in-front of a professional camera? If you’re looking for a bonding activity with your friends, book a photo session and just have fun! You’ll make plenty of memories to last a lifetime!

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5. Karaoke

No Mariah Carey inspired wish list is complete without mentioning karaoke. I mean, you don’t need it but I’m sure you definitely would want it. Let’s be honest, you don’t even need an event as an excuse to rent one out and enjoy yourself.

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All the bright lights are shining everywhere and the sound of children’s laughter is in the air. While everyone is singing, while the sleigh bells are ringing, what are you asking Santa for this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below.

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