Pick #5saja: Best Places to Get Dumplings

The Chinese New Year festivities are just around the corner, and what better to add to the table than a plate of dumplings to share! They’re the perfect snack and appetizer, whether fried or steamed, and delicious to have at any time.

With our selection of both halal and non-halal choices for the best places in Brunei to get dumplings, you’re sure to not go hungry during this season of celebrations.

If you’re looking for halal Chinese cuisine, the Food House Eatery is a great spot that offers numerous dimsum dishes and delights—order their Crystal Abalone Dumplings if you’re craving something chewy and delicate in flavour. They also offer free delivery for selected areas.

For those craving non-halal, authentic Hong Kong dishes and Cantonese cuisine, Phongmun Restaurant has you covered, and their menu of course includes a scrumptious plate of dumplings.

Another good choice for halal Chinese cuisine is the up and coming Da’Tang Restaurant, which serves a selection of chicken and corn dumplings, beef and onion dumplings, or shrimp and seafood, for those that would like a variety of flavours.

Can’t decide between Chinese or Korean cuisines? Why not both! Sharing the same space with Daon Restaurant, have your pick of dumpling dishes for dine-in or delivery via GoMamam.

For a taste of nostalgia and childhood, look no further than Jia Xiang Wi, a non-halal food establishment that offers traditional Chinese food — and frozen dumplings that allow you to create your own favourite way to cook dumplings at home!

Has this list made you a little hungry? What’s your favourite filling for dumplings? Let us know in the comments!

For more shops like these atau apa saja lagi, view the complete Apa Saja directory!

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