Pick #5saja: Bling Out On Your Next Outing With Lovely Jewellery

We often hear jewellery are women’s best friends. When the right piece is worn, it has the undeniable value in bringing out the best in a woman’s features and personality. These adorned embellishments are also the easiest form of self-expression and beauty, whether you’re a minimalist or an extravagant, there’s a style for everyone.

Here are our 5 choices of places to shop jewellery for you to bling out on your next outing, so you don’t feel dull or underdressed!

1. AiRi Jewellery

AiRi produces handmade jewellery with uses of crystal stones. This shop actively rolls out new in stocks, but you can also make a custom order subject to availability of the stones you prefer.

🌐 Shop via their Instagram (@airi_bn)


If you like fun and adorable bead jewellery, CO.SUKI offers just that! She makes a range of accessories from necklaces and bracelets to mask straps and even clay dishes to place your funky jewellery on.

🌐 Shop via their Instagram (@co.suki)


MIQA jewellery incorporates beads and pearls that are sweet chic but still playful! Every drop is different from the previous so you can be sure there’s always something new to see (read: accidentally order).

🌐 Shop via their Instagram (@miqa.co)

4. Vanana_co Accessories

Looking for affordable casual accessories? Then you might want to check out Vanana_co’s new arrivals. Cool chic hairclips are back in trend!

🌐 Shop via their Instagram (@vanana_co)

5. ScarletCJnA.bn

Scarlet’s Charms, Jewelleries and Accessories are polymer clay-based products, which is very in trend. Unsurprisingly because they can take on the look of crystal stones but are easier to mould and shape. This local online shop has been in business since 2014 and they have just introduced a new collection!

🌐 Shop via their Instagram (@scarletcjna.bn)

There you have it, ladies! (And the gents who are covertly browsing for a gift to their lady) Think we missed out on other online jewellery shops? Let us know!

For more shops like these atau apa saja lagi, view the complete Apa Saja directory!

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