Pick #5saja: Centerpiece lights for your living space

centerpiece lights

Talking about room centerpieces always excites us. It could be your wall of fame, a Samsung frame TV, and for some, their cats (we’re totally all for that)! But since there’s a lot of hype around cool light pieces around our social media these days, we’re throwing some of our suggestions at you.

Side note: We really tried looking for the Minecraft lamp, but we haven’t found one yet, sadly.

1. Aromatic BN

Nostalgic gamers rejoice, ‘cause who doesn’t love the PAC-MAN ghost. It’s even better when there’s a party mode, so it reacts to whatever music you’re playing in the background.

🌐 Shop via their Instagram (@aromatic.bn)
🛵 Pick-up available at Box of Cravings, Kiulap

2. Click & Buy

Statement neon lights are a classic favourite. What’s not to love when there’s always a design fit uniquely for you. Put them on a shelf, a stand or even your walls, and they’re good to go!

🌐 Shop via their Instagram (@cb.com.bn)
🧾 Payment via cash and credit / debit card
🛵 Pick-up available

3. The Neon Objects BN

Speaking of neon lights, you can always get them customised, even locally for an affordable price! While The Neon Objects has a wide range of neon lights to choose from, nothing beats one that’s designed exclusively for you.

🌐 Shop on their Instagram (@theneonobjects.bn)
🧾 Payment via BIBD / Baiduri bank transfer
🛵 Delivery available

4. Living Culture BN

Something that’s practical and still makes a statement, we’ve always been a fan of this LED clock. It’s perfect as a room decoration, and you definitely don’t have to worry about it being as just a centerpiece when it’s also functional!

🌐 Shop via their Instagram (@livingculture.bn)
🧾 Payment via bank transfer
🛵 Delivery available

5. Urban Life

Here’s one for the ones with a gaming setup, or simply those who are looking for a centerpiece for their streaming background. The “game over” lights are a classic go-to choice, and it’s definitely timeless ‘cause retro doesn’t go out of trend!

🌐 Shop via their Instagram (@urbanlife.bn)
🛵 Pick-up and delivery available

There are more options out there than the sunset lamp or just an RGB strip. We love those too, but if you’re looking for something more minimal and still bold, hope our picks narrow down your search. (There was a light saber too, but we’re saving that for another listicle 😉)

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