Pick #5saja: Gifts to get for First-Time Dads

This year’s Father’s Day can be an exciting celebration for the first-time dads in your life. Why not show them some appreciation for how well they’ve been adjusting to their new role?

 Here are our 5 picks of gift ideas we think the newly-minted fathers will appreciate!

1. Help him stay awake: Coffee

Running on less sleep when your newborn arrives is something to be expected. The javaholic new dad will thank you for buying him a bag of his favorite beans or better yet, treat him to a coffee run – or several coffee runs. Trust us, he’ll need it.

🌐 Get his coffee at Kapra Coffee (@kapracoffee)

2. It’s bottle duty: Electric Kettle, Bottle Brush & Drying Stand

Getting into the routine of waking up multiple times in the middle of the night to feed the baby can be a trying time. New dads may need all the help they can get to ease into the routine.

Pro-tip to cut down on the hassle is to have an electric kettle in the room to get the water boiling and ready for feeding.

Multiple feeding also means going through a lot of baby bottles. Keep up with cleaning and organizing them by getting a bottle brush and a drying stand.

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3. Help him keep track: Fitness Tracker / Watch

Reminder for the first-time dads; Look after yourself while you care for your little one. Buy them a new fitness tracker or watch to help them along in keeping track of their overall health.

🌐 Shop the range and brands of fitness watches available at Yappe (@yappestore)

4. For when he’s looking rough: Facial Moisturizer

Help the busy dads get into this motto; skincare is self-care. Sneak a little time in their hectic schedule to dab on some skin-appropriate moisturizer to look less haggard.

🌐 Find a moisturizer to their liking at Beauty Haus (@beautyhaus.bn)

5. To keep him alive: Vitamins & Supplements

Okay. So maybe we’re being overdramatic when we say ‘to keep him alive’ but health is wealth!

First-time dads also go through a big adjustment period when they have a new-born to care for that they might miss out on a few vitamins and essential proteins from their daily food intake. Gift him a supplement to show you care for his health.

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Have we missed out on your preferred gift ideas? Let us know!

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