Pick #5saja: Go-To Kuih Spots

With places abound selling kuih – or some prefer to call it kueh, whichever your spelling preference for these bite-sized Southeast Asian desserts – you’re bound to have a lot of choices!

Here we have selected a few shops of kuihs that you might want to try if it isn’t already your go-to for your favourite local sweets (or savoury):

Afira has quite the range in their menu from kuih bom, gatas to nona manis. Can’t decide on just one? They also sell by mix box!

🌐 Check them out at Instagram (@afira_unforgettabletaste)

Not a fan of sweet kuihs? There are also the savoury ones like the begedils that Dho Kitchenette sells.

They open orders daily until 5 pm but make sure you order for a day in advance!

🌐 Check them out at Instagram (@dho101skitchenette)

Initially known for the egg tarts, now they have an expanded menu to include other kuihs and appetizers.

🌐 Check them out at Instagram (@suriaeggtart)

They offer frozen curry puffs with fillings made from beef, chicken and sardine. This comes in handy when you have a sudden craving but don’t want to go out. Order some in advance, defrost and fry whenever you like!

🌐 Check them out at Instagram (@simplyshazcuisine)

Tapak Kuda is more cake than it is kuih but it has definitely won hearts over the past few years. Icy Lucky Hoof offers them among other cakes and opens order when it’s hari raya season or the lunar new year.

🌐 Check them out at Instagram (@icyluckyhoof)

Like our recommendations so far? Which places has been your go-to for kuihs? Share them with us in the comments!

For more shops like these atau apa saja lagi, view the complete Apa Saja directory!

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