Pick #5saja: Got style? Here are some places to keep you looking fresh

Appearance matters to an extent, and it reveals a lot about an individual just based on first impression. More importantly, when you know you look good, you also feel good.

Here are some places we recommend keeping you looking fresh:

Other than streetwear, they bring in the latest sneaker collections that would have all the sneakerheads drooling. Drop by their place at The Mall, Gadong or you can also shop online on their Instagram, and they provide free delivery within the Brunei-Muara district at this time.

๐ŸŒ Check them out at Instagram (@27supplyco.bn)

Your style extends beyond the clothing and shoes you wear, itโ€™s also reflected from the accessories you put on too. This shop encompasses all of this and itโ€™s all for you trendy girls!

๐ŸŒ Check them out at Instagram (@cherryflawsome)

Dripkicks specializes in premium quality and UA kicks that guarantee you have fresh kicks without really having to break your shoes budget so often. The products are based on pre-order so be sure to keep an eye on when they open and close orders!

๐ŸŒ Check them out at Instagram (@dripkicks.bn)

Serving looks is the goal here but so is quality! While the shop mostly has the items on pre-order, thereโ€™s also the occasional in stocks. Be sure to check them out for more cute outfits!

๐ŸŒ Check them out at Instagram (@shirleys.bn)

FiNEKERS offers the latest in trend sneakers and athleisure footwears in premium 1:1 quality. Thereโ€™s something for everyone! The shop brings in products by pre-order and thereโ€™s still a few days left before they close order for the next shipment.

๐ŸŒ Check them out at Instagram (@finekers.bn)

Thatโ€™s it for our picks of places to shop your style! Where else do you shop for your fresh casual wear?

For more shops like these atau apa saja lagi, view the complete Apa Saja directory!

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