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We do miss our trips to the salon, not gonna lie. Maybe it’s the hot weather turning your hair frizzier or drier than usual; maybe it’s the products you have at home and it’s time for a change.

 If you’re thinking of giving your hair some TLC with the same salon products, we’ve got a few recommendations for you:

1. Blush Salon Brunei

If you’re looking for Olaplex or Framesi Morphosis’ products for some salon-grade treatment, Blush Salon’s your pick! They’ve got a wide range of hair treatments available, suitable for any hair conditions. If you’re unsure of which product to get, do let them know your concerns and they’ll help you out.

🌐 Shop on their IG (@blushsalon_bn)
🛵 Delivery available

2. Dewi Rusyahmie Salon

At Dewi Rusyahmie Salon, you can get a Mix & Match set as a gift for your loved one, or even for yourself (‘cause self-love, you know 😉)! Get a bundle of Olaplex or Viege products for the full hair care package.

🌐 Shop on their IG (@rusyahmiesalon.bn)
🛵 Delivery available

3. Shahdon’s Style Icon

Investing in salon-grade products for your own use at home might be intimidating. Is this the right product for you? Do you really need it? Does this combination work? What exactly are the steps, and how much product should you be using? So many questions, and for that, it’s best that you get a professional to answer your questions and recommend the right ones.

🌐 Shop on their IG (@shahdonsstyleicon)
🛵 Delivery available

4. Paloma Brunei

For the OGX and Kerasys fans out there, Paloma’s your best bet. They have a wide range of products from these brands on their website! While you’re at it, check out their collection of Colab’s Dry Shampoo as well. Perfect for a busy day swamped with virtual meetings.

🌐 Shop on their IG (@paloma_brunei) or through their website (paloma-eshop.com)
🛵 Delivery available

5. Healthy Beauty 365

Last and definitely not the least, Healthy Beauty 365 comes through with a selection of budget-friendly hair care products! Dove, Herbal Essences, Loreal, Sebamed; your go-to drugstore brands are up for grabs on their website. 

🌐 Shop on their IG (@healthybeauty365.bn) or through their website (healthybeauty365bn.com)
🛵 Delivery available

Whether you’re on a budget or ready to splurge, we hope our listicle narrows down your search! What are your hair maintenance tips at home? Share them in the comments below.

For more shops like these atau apa saja lagi, view the complete Apa Saja directory!

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