Pick #5saja: Happy Paperback Book Day!

How did Paperback Book Day come to be?

Paperback Book Day has been celebrated every year on July 30 since 1935 as the date of anniversary for the first paperbacks published by Penguin.

Back then, only good literature was made into hardcovers and they can be expensive. A lot of people could not afford to buy them but there were as many who wanted to read.

Hence, Sir Allen started the paperback book revolution; to produce quality and relatively inexpensive books. They were published under the name Penguin with some of the great fiction by authors, from Ernest Hemingway to Agatha Christie.

Fun fact about paperback book

The first paperback books demographic were railway passengers. At the time, the railway was one of the quickest ways to travel long distances.

Reading was a good way to pass the time while traveling days or weeks on the tracks, but hardcover books were rather large and heavy to carry. Not to mention expensive.

How to honor Paperback Book Day?

Why… by curling up in a comfy corner with your favorite paperback book, of course! Feel the texture of the paper on your fingertips and inhale that book smell that you secretly (or proudly) love.

Also, get a book from…

1. Icklebooks

Icklebooks has a wide range of children books for your budding little bookworms.

Their shop is located at Unit 9, Block D, Ground Floor, Kiarong Complex, Lebuhraya Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, Bandar Seri Begawan BE1318, Brunei.

🌐 Visit their Instagram @icklebooks or website icklebooks.com

2. Best Eastern

Best Eastern has five stores located at The Mall Gadong, Mabohai, Hua Ho Manggis, Times Square and Plaza Athirah. They carry a lot of genres for all age groups from manga to self-help books.

🌐 Visit their Instagram @besteastern_bookstore or website shopbesteastern.com

3. dBookHaus

dBookHaus is an independent bookstore that started out online on social media and now have expanded with a physical store situated in The Mall Gadong.

They hand-picked the books they sell, ranging from fictions and non-fictions for adults and children to, more prominently, Islamic spiritual books that nourishes the soul.

🌐 Visit their Instagram @dbookhaus

For more shops like these atau apa saja lagi, view the complete Apa Saja directory!

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