Pick #5saja: Here are our top picks for Kolo mee spots in Brunei

Ever wondered where your favourite noodle dish kolo mee came from?

Kolo mee is a notably dry Chinese-style noodle dish that originated from the Malaysian state, Sarawak. The term kolo is derived from the Chinese Cantonese word gonlo which means ‘dry mix’.

What’s in Kolo mee?

Kolo mee noodles are traditionally made with springy egg noodles and topped with sliced BBQ pork (char siu), minced pork fried in lard, fish sauce, MSG, shallots, white pepper, and fried onions.

Because it’s such a popular dish and well-received in the Muslim community, we have halal variations of it. Some kolo mee dish you may find served with additional toppings such as wontons, fish balls and veggies, like choy sums. The noodles are also sometimes served with a bowl of soup and soy sauce so you can adjust the desired saltiness of your kolo mee.

Our love for kolo mee sent us searching for the top kolo mee spots in Brunei and we also love to share them with you!

Where can you get Kolo mee?

1. Kedai Kopi D’Harith

They are known for their roasted duck and their specialty kolo mee with roasted duck gets people going in as early as 7 am for a hearty breakfast!

🌐 Visit their Instagram @kedaikopi_dharith

2. MyTown Eating House

Their kolo mee is a classic that has made it into the list of breakfast sets. But, fret not! Kolo mee is a versatile dish that you can eat any time and they even sell by trays so you can share with your family.

🌐 Visit their Instagram @mytownbrunei

3. One Noodle Eatery

Formerly known as Tea Zone Cafe, One Noodle has branches in Gadong and Kiulap.
Their menu has wide variations of the kolo mee from basic or kolo mee kosong to kolo mee with mushroom with wantan, prices ranging from B$ 2.50 to B$ 6.00 a plate. Which one’s the best, you ask? You have to go there and try one for yourself!

🌐 Visit their Instagram @onenoodle.bn

More Kolo mee places on our TikTok

One Noodle / 101 Cafe

@apasajabrunei Our next Kolomee spot is One Noodle/101 Cafe located in Kiulap! Have you tried their Kolomee? Check out our page for more! #fyp #fypbrunei #brunei #bruneiiklan #bruneitiktok #foodtok #food #tiktokbrunei #kolomee #noodles ♬ Rumah Singgah – Fabio Asher

Borneo Kopitiam

@apasajabrunei Craving for Kolomee? Borneo Kopitiam located in Sg Hanching serves tasty Kolomee, along with other noodle specialties! Dimana lagi nyaman kolomee nya? Follow for more! #fyp #fypbrunei #brunei #bruneiiklan #bruneitiktok #foodtok #food #tiktokbrunei #kolomee #noodles ♬ suara asli – Gany_abanit – GeryGany

Gerai Sarubing: Gerai AZ

@apasajabrunei Our third spot for the Kolomee series is Gerai AZ, located in Gerai Sarubing in Subok! Their Kolomee special is one of the best in town! 😍 What are some other spots with good kolomee? #fyp #fypbrunei #brunei #bruneiiklan #bruneitiktok #foodtok #food #tiktokbrunei #kolomee #noodles ♬ love nwantinti (ah ah ah) – CKay

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