Pick #5saja: Lunch cana?

Ah — the age old question in the office, good times. Now that we’re working from home and staying safe, the same question still applies, but with a different set of problems.

Problem 1: Your parents didn’t cook lunch. (Oh, no. Do you really have to eat Indomee again?)
Problem 2: Your fridge is empty, and all you have is a bag of crisps … and salsa dip. (… Maybe.)
Problem 3: Instant coffee (That’s not a meal. Please, no.)

Here are a few of our own office favourites, and some meal prep link delivery link-ups to narrow down your search:

1. Wang’s Kitchen

You can’t go wrong with the classic chicken rice. Wang’s Kitchen came through with their drive-through and delivery services! Need a recommendation? Go for the XL Crispy Chicken Rice or the Curry Chicken Rice.

🌐 Check out their IG (@wangskitchen.bn)
🧾 Payment: Bank transfer, Pocket and cash accepted
🛵 Collection: Drive-thru and delivery available

2. Burgergar

We love some thick, juicy burger patties! Look no further, Burgergar’s your guy. Our go-to’s the Double Double Egg, but if you’re really, really famished, go for the Triple Patty instead. With a side of fries, of course!

🌐 Check out their IG (@burgergar.bn)
🧾 Payment: Bank transfer and cash accepted
🛵 Collection: Pick-up and delivery available

3. Tien Sing Vegetarian

Sometimes, we like to indulge ourselves in good vegetarian food. Don’t close the tab yet, trust us! Guess our favourite orders from Tien Sing — Hainan Chicken Rice and Buttermilk Abalone Mushroom, with a side of Pepper Salt Shimeji Mushrooms. You read that right, Buttermilk Abalone Mushroom 💯

🌐 Check out their IG (@tiensing)
🧾 Payment: Bank transfer and cash accepted
🛵 Collection: Pick-up and delivery available

4. Seven Sporks

For those who like to plan ahead and get their full week’s lunch-planning out of the way, Seven Spork’s the one for you! You can subscribe weekly for a whole week’s worth of lunch delivered to your home, and you can even opt for a keto or vegan subscription plan. 

🌐 Check out their IG (@sevensporks)
🛵 Collection: Delivery available

5. Healthy Food BSB

If you wanna take that extra step by getting BOTH your lunch AND dinner for the full week sorted, well, we know just the right IG store for you: Healthy Food BSB! Signature and keto menus are available for delivery, and, yes, the menus are different every day. Their free delivery promotion ends Saturday, 25 September, so hit them up if you wanna try them out.

🌐 Check out their IG (@healthyfoodbsb)
🛵 Collection: Delivery available

If you’ve reached the end of this article, this is your sign to not skip lunch during WFH, and eat proper food, no matter how busy you are. What’s your go-to lunch choice? Let us know in the comments!

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