Pick #5saja: Maintaining your overgrown cut or beard

With our online meetings going on everyday, we noticed something about the guys in our office: “Panjang dah rambut / janggut ah.” But, hey, they do miss their barbers a little bit too much too, so here are some tips from the guys on how they maintain their manes! As usual, 5 pulang saja.

1. Bercuts

The most popular pick is Bercuts! Surprisingly, it’s not just for their hair products, they also got beard oils for our high maintenance friends. Do DM them to see what they have instock!

🌐 Check out their IG (@bercuts_) or their website (bercuts.setmore.com)
📲 Contact: by Instagram DM

2. Chaps & Rebels Barbershop

When we say hair products, Chaps & Rebels isn’t limited to just pomades and styling creams, they’re also selling natural shampoo by Hanz De Fuko, a salon industry favourite. Another favourite they offer is also their beginner-friendly razors. If you miss the salon treatment, they’re perfect for you. 

🌐 Check out their IG (@chapsnrebels) or their website (chapsnrebels.com)
📲 Contact: by Instagram DM

3. Paloma

Paloma isn’t just for the girls, they’ve got a range for men’s car products too — Razors, shaving creams, after shaves, styling products and even moisturising lotion for your beard! 

🌐 Check out their IG (@paloma_brunei) or their website (paloma-eshop.com)
📲 Contact: by phone call or website

4. Snips Barbershop

Kata Dato Hisham, “Jantah kan begunting dulu. Kalau mau sanang, get a haircut like mine — surung saja.”

And we can’t give a better recommendation for that than Snips Barbershop! They’ve started taking preorders for clippers, ones recommended and used by their resident barbers. Do follow them for updates in case the next pre-order opens!

🌐 Check out their IG (@snips.ent) or their website (snipsbarbershop.setmore.com)
📲 Contact: by WhatsApp and Instagram DM

5. KJB Gadgets

Another one to link up with for clippers is KJB Gadgets. Nose hair trimmer pun ada! They’re known for their tech and gadget range, so if you wanna order taurus, also dapat. Delivery’s available for all of their products, so do check them out!

🌐 Check out their IG (@kjb.gadgets)
📲 Contact: by WhatsApp or Instagram DM

You can let your mane grow and take it as a lockdown challenge, but if you can’t, we hope our picks help you narrow down your search. If you’ve got your own picks, do let us know and we’ll add them to our list!

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