Pick #5saja: NY Resolution Ideas

New year, new you! Trying to think of New Year resolution ideas to try out in 2022? We got you covered! Here’s a couple of fun activities you probably haven’t tried before, and totally should!

Brunei, being a coastal country, has a lot of dive spots that are not too far off. We’ve got corals, unique fishes, and even an abandoned shipwreck for you to explore underwater. Once you’ve completed a couple of dives, you can even get globally certified with a license!

🌐 Check them out at Instagram (@oceanicquestdive)

Okay, listen, I’m sure at one point in time, we’ve all wished we totally had a totally cool costume to wear to a movie premiere, to a party or to gate-crash a family function looking totally off. We could totally still do it.

🌐 Check them out at Instagram (@playtimecostume)

If you’re team savoury, we’ve got something for you too. Spice up your marathon snacks with a Indoor rock climbing is a great alternative for working out at the gym. It additionally improves your flexibility, and tests your muscle coordination. Don’t feel intimidated! There are different inclines to challenge you. Beginners are very much welcomed too!

🌐 Check them out at Instagram (@up_climbingcentre)

Take your video game activities to the next level! CRIT Esports is a local esports initiative that holds various gaming competitions around Brunei. If you’ve made that veteran rank, it’s time to prove that you’re the better one once and for all. Follow them and stay up to date when their next Amateur Professional series is, and sign up!

🌐 Check them out at Instagram (@crit.esports)

Last but not least, Emily’s fashion sense – her personality definitely shines through her outfit Paintball is a super active activity you can play with your family or friends! The game is so fast-paced and strategic, it essentially becomes a team workout. Overall, it’s literally a colorful activity that will keep you wanting to come back more. If you have never done a game before, we definitely recommend you to organize one and give it a go!

🌐 Check them out at Instagram (@paintballarenajerudong)

What’s on your New Years resolution list? Let us know in the comments below.

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