Pick #5saja: One for the plant parents

Gardening has always been an intimidating topic for us. Of course we can dive into the Google rabbit hole, but another way to start would be simply by asking for advice from our friendly IG plant sellers! 

Here’s a list of plants IG sellers we’ve been following:

1. Nookplants

For a selection of tropical plants, you can check out Nookplants! We bumped into them at their pop-up event at Pavo Point earlier this year, and we’ve been a follower ever since.

🌐 Shop on their IG (@nookplants.bn)
🧾 Bank transfer via BIBD and Baiduri
🛵 Delivery available

2. Green Decor Bn

Browsing for house plants for your Pinterest-inspired home can be intimidating. Green Decor Bn’s here to make it easier for you. They’re also selling potting mixes for the new plant parents.

🌐 Shop on their IG (@greendecorbn)
🛵 Delivery available

3. Sell Greens Bn

We’ve been wanting to get Colocasias and Syngoniums for our green plant decor too. Sell Greens Bn has a wide selection for these!

🌐 Shop on their IG (@sellgreensbn)
🧾 Bank transfer via BIBD
🛵 Self-collect and delivery available

4. Plantly Patch

Who doesn’t love cute succulents, and the only thing better than that is succulent in cute pots! Plantly Patch also offers gardening tools and plant labels for our fellow green-thumbed friends.

🌐 Shop on their IG (@plantlypatch)
🧾 Cash and bank transfer accepted

5. HaNa Cactus & Plant

Cacti-lovers rejoice; HaNa Cactus & Plant offers a lot of choices for succulents! Our favourite here is definitely the dainty string of pillows, Monstera and Medusa.

🌐 Shop on their IG (@rashidah_rosli39)
🧾 Cash and bank transfer accepted

Have you got any gardening tips for us? Let us know where you got your plant babies and gardening supplies from in the comments below!

For more shops like these atau apa saja lagi, view the complete Apa Saja directory!

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