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#CleanTok has really got us writing this article. It’s pretty impressive how these people have managed to get organisers and containers of the exact size they need for their fridges and drawers. That’s really a skill on its own, really!

We’ve done our fair share of research and diving into the Instagram store rabbit hole for storage. Has it been satisfying? 10/10 it has.

Here are our favourite Instagram vendors for storage and organising needs:

1. The Kontena Store

When The Kontena Store first started, we jumped with glee! Their products are really what you’ve been scrolling through on #CleanTok. A collection of containers for your pantry? Check. A container for your cereals? Check.

🌐 Shop via their Instagram (@thekontenastore)
🧾 Payment via BIBD / Baiduri bank transfer
🛵 Delivery available

2. Minimal Decor

Minimal Decor’s always up on our list for home decors and bits and bobs around the house. They’ve got storage solutions for your room, kitchen and even your laundry room! Definitely hits our organising fanatics in the right spots.

🌐 Shop via their Instagram (@minimaldecor.bn)
🧾 Payment via bank transfer
🛵 Pick up and delivery available

3. Denicsconcept

Keeping your bedroom minimal is definitely a trend we’ve always wanted to hop on. Denicsconcept’s a furniture store you should be looking at if you’re hoping to get multi-purpose furnitures. Personally we’re big fans of the bed frames with built-in storage!

🌐 Shop via their Instagram (@denicsconcept)
🧾 Payment via cash or bank transfer
🛵 Pick-up and delivery available

4. Citylifestyle

Sometimes, it’s not simply about having storage, but it’s also about having easy access to the items you’re keeping in the containers. And for that, we love this storage box from Citylifestyle for the front opening — easily fits in your shelves, and not troublesome to get what you need!

🌐 Shop via their Instagram (@citylifestyle_bn) or their physical store at Kiulap
🛵 Pick-up and delivery available

5. Akiyo Store

Akiyo Store’s one of the few Japanese store chains in Brunei, so you know that means their products are within the affordable range. Basic storage boxes in different volumes — for sure these are available. Whether it’s for office use or for your bedroom, you can definitely have a go at browsing through their store.

🌐 Shop via their Instagram (@akiyo_store) or their physical store at Beribi
🧾 Payment via cash, bank transfer or card (in-store)
🛵 Pick-up and delivery available

Working from home has given us more time to look around and take the opportunity to declutter our space. Have you been busy shifting things around too? Let us know how you’re Marie Kondo-ing your space!

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