Pick #5saja: Pamper Your Pets

Staying at a home might have a few benefits, one of which is the unconditional support of your pets!

Since the season of giving is around the corner, or maybe it’s just a random Wednesday, it’s never not the right time to treat them to something nice. After all, if you’re reading this, you’re not a regular pawrent, you’re a cool pawrent.

Here’s some vendors that inspired our pet gift guides.

1. Nimanja

Nimanja is no doubt one of the first pet pitstop whenever we’re looking to buy snacks for our furry friends. Not only that, we can’t get more excited when we saw this confetti litter! They have brick and mortar stores across the country, and now an e-commerce store too, which makes them more accessible than ever!

🌐 Shop on their Instagram (@nimanjabrunei) or on their website (nimanja.com)
🧾 Payment via bank transfer and debit/credit cards
🛵 Pick-up and delivery available

2. Coco Pet Supplies

Although Coco Pet Supplies mostly takes pre-orders, they have a variety of pet goodies that makes the wait worthwhile. We’re talking about pet outfits, customized tags, pet party supplies and more!

🌐 Check on their Instagram (@cocopetsupplies_bn)
🧾 Payment via bank transfer and debit/credit cards
🛵 Pick up and delivery available

3. Purrfect Barkery

Speaking of pet parties, no party is complete without cakes, and Purrfect Bakery is here to come through. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for limited time snacks during certain holidays too, so you and your furry friends can celebrate together!

🌐 Shop on their Instagram (@purrfectbarkerybn)
🧾 Payment via cash or bank transfer
🛵 Pick-up and delivery available

4. Pet Terminals

Although cats can be entertained easily merely with a cardboard box, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to treat them to a proper toy. Keep your cats a-meow-sed (get it, like, amused) with one of Pet Terminal’s many cat playgrounds! By playground, I do mean scratching surfaces, and climbing frames. No promises your cat wouldn’t still prefer the cardboard box though, let’s be honest.

🌐 Browse on their Instagram (@pet_terminalsbn)
🧾 Payment via bank transfer
🛵 Delivery available

5. Purrty Pets

Purrty Pets has pet outfits in-stock if anyone is looking to dress up their pets for their monthly Instagram petfluencer photoshoots. However, if your pets are not feeling comfortable wearing clothing, Purrty Pets also stocks up plenty of other pet supplies to keep them spoilt.

🌐 Shop on their Instagram (@purrtypet.bn) or their stores
🧾 Payment via bank transfer
🛵 Pick-up and delivery available

We’re definitely guilty of pampering our fur babies too much sometimes. Where’s your go-to pet supplies store? Let us know in the comments!

For more shops like these atau apa saja lagi, view the complete Apa Saja directory!

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