Pick #5saja: Rainy Day Essentials

rainy day essentials

Monsoon season is here. Although the days will be darker and clouds heavier, at the end of the day, you can’t have a rainbow without the rain! So if you’re a homebody, or not, here’s a list for you to stay busy, warm and cozy indoors!

1. DbookHaus

If your window view is a little too gloomy, pick up a book and transport yourself into a different world! Whether it be Hogwarts, Atlantis, The Capitol or Forks, Washington, you’ll be finding yourself spacing out in a whole new world.

🌐 Shop on their Instagram (@dbookhaus)

2. Verve Espresso

Ran out of Milo? Verve’s got you covered. Their hot chocolate is unbeatable! And if you’re needing that caffeine boost in the morning to beat the weather, their range of coffee and teas will keep you warm and awake all day long. While you’re at it, might as well order their delicious pizza to-go and stay in for lunch!

🌐 Shop on their Instagram (@vervespresso)

3. Aromatherapy Brunei

The rain’s got you stressed out? Get your candles ready from Aromatherapy Brunei! They’ve got every scent covered! Fruity ones, Floral ones, and if you’re a fan of the rain, an even stronger post-rainy one. No matter which aroma fills the air, we’re sure you’ll be relaxed in mind and in body after.

🌐 Shop on their Instagram (@aromatherapybrunei)

4. Thriftee BN

Sweatshirts are a must-have for every wardrobe – so cozy and comfortable! They can also be extremely practical and stylish. Thriftee has a whole range of vintage ones available, from all colors of the rainbow. Cop one and stay warm this December!

🌐 Shop on their Instagram (@thrifteebn)

5. Rehome BN

If the outdoor’s off limits, you can hang out with your friends at home. Revamp your space with cozy collections from Rehome BN, and host a movie night! Get that sofa cover, that cushion pillow, and that duvet you’ve been eyeing on!

🌐 Shop on their Instagram (@rehome.bn)

How do you beat the rainy day blues? Let us know in the comments below.

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