Pick #5saja: School Supplies You Can’t Live Without!

We’re getting to the middle of the year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t experience the joy of shopping for school supplies and stationery! In fact, perhaps your pencil cases are feeling a little lighter these days, and there’s room for new pens, markers, and it’s always good to have one or two empty notebooks lying around, just in case.

1. Bismi Enterprise

A staple location for the annual back-to-school shopping, Bismi Enterprise is sure to have a large variety of stationery items, from pens and markers, to backpacks, notebooks and art supplies. Complete your stationery shopping list here!

🌐 Shop via their Instagram (@bismi_enterprise)

2. Needs B Major

Hoping to find a special stationery item as a gift for a loved one? Needs B Major offers personalised gifts for their products, complete with a stylish, modern look that’s perfect for anyone that appreciates the aesthetics.

🌐 Shop via their Instagram (@needsbmajor)

3. Kamiya Stationery

If you’re looking for specialty brands like Midori, Himi and Mildliner, look no further than Kamiya Stationery! They offer a wide range of stationery supplies that are a bit more niche, and their collection of art tools is one of their strong points. You can also browse through their instock items at https://kamiyastationery.kyte.site/.

🌐 Shop via their Instagram (@kamiyastationery)

4. Stationery Labs

From cute office supplies to more minimalist ranges, Stationery Labs offers this and more! Perhaps you would like to pick up a fun tote bag with a large graphic print, or mini daily planners that will help in organising your day-to-day tasks. Enjoy more choices at their site, https://stationerylabs.com/.

🌐 Shop via their Instagram (@stationerylabs)

5. Planner Market BN

While the Planner Market BN is a community event page, the account regularly posts and shares other stationery shops that cater to a variety of needs, preferences and even promotions from those shops! Browse through the account and find a new piece of stationery item to fall in love with today.

🌐 Shop via their Instagram (@plannermarketbn)

Ready to go stationery shopping? Have we missed out on your favourite stationery shop? Let us know!

For more shops like these atau apa saja lagi, view the complete Apa Saja directory!

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