Pick #5saja: Spilling our tea dealers

Hello, is it tea you’re looking for? 😉

During this rainy day season, our editors love cozying up in warm blankets, a good book and a warm cup of tea. So, it’s only proper for us to share with you guys our favorite tea picks!

1. Guan Hock Lee

Guan Hock Lee is one of the more popular stores that stocks different varieties of matcha powder. (Yes, Matcha is indeed considered tea.) With some milk and sugar, brew yourself a cup of matcha latte, and sip in the matcha goodness 🤤

🌐 Shop on their Instagram (@guanhocklee) or on their newly launched website (ghl.com.bn)
🧾 Payment via bank transfer
🛵 Pick-up and delivery available

2. t-Lounge by Dilmah

If you’re looking for experimental tea flavors, look no further. t-Lounge offers tea mocktails, tea cordials, tea leaves, tea-brewed ice-cream flavors and more! They also have tea supplies like tea pots and tea mugs in stock. It’s literally a par-tea!

🌐 Check on their Instagram (@tloungebydilmah_brunei)
🛵 Delivery available

3. Kaimana Living

Kaimana Living has a unique selection of loose leaf tea for you to choose from. Our pick? The Golden Apple Spice. Sampler sizes are also available on their website for you to try to find your perfect pick!

🌐 Shop on their Instagram (@kaimanaliving) or their store
🧾 Payment via bank transfer
🛵 Pick-up and delivery available

4. Floristea

If you love fruity and floral blends, Floristea is one of our favorites out there. They don’t just look good (I mean, those are very aesthetically pleasing jars), they taste good too! They also do customized orders, so do enquire if you’re up for an innovative taste.

🌐 Browse on their Instagram (@floristea.bn)
🧾 Payment via bank transfer
🛵 Delivery available

5. Cha Tra Mue Brunei

Sometimes, even a cup of iced tea can help the rainy day blues go away. One of our favorites is no other than Cha Tra Mue! Their Thai Milk Tea is always a great choice for milk tea cravings, and in case you didn’t know already, Cha Tra Mue also sells their single origin loose tea leaves so you can brew your own at home!

🌐 Shop on their Instagram (@chatramuebrunei) or their stores
🧾 Payment via bank transfer
🛵 Pick-up and delivery available

Let us know where you get your tea cravings satisfied in the comments below. Let’s share some positivi-tea!

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