Pick #5saja: Things that remind us of Taylor Swift all too well

taylor swift all too well

As we all curl up in our blankets with a cup of hot Milo, listening to Taylor Swift’s 10-minute version of All Too Well hitting us in all the right places, let’s take a moment to reflect on 5 things that remind us of Taylor Swift all too well too.

1. Caramel Latte

Every Taylor Swift fan knows Taylor’s love for Caramel Lattes. Starbucks even came up with a ‘Taylor’s Version’ of the latte to celebrate the launch of her album. Let’s enjoy watching Red season Begin Again.

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2. Red Lipstick

Taylor’s definitely got that red lip classic thing that we like. Her iconic looks are almost never complete without the bold shade, come matte, come gloss– and it’ll never go out of Style. Shop for your red shade at @pixiebeau.bn.

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3. Cardigans

Office outfit? Check. Casual stay-at-home? Check. Cardigans can compliment a variety of looks, which is why it’s become a must-have in Taylor’s closet. It definitely also deserves its own single in Taylor’s Folklore album.

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4. Polaroid

Taylor paid homage to Polaroids in her 1989 album, and it only made the instant film camera grow in popularity. Be sure to cop one this holiday season and make some memories with your loved ones! Shake It Off, Shake It Off, like a Polaroid picture.

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5. Cats

No, not the musical (we don’t talk about the musical) but the literal animal. Self-proclaimed “cat-lady” Taylor lives up to her status as she frequently features her three kitties across her music videos, social media and even merchandise. If you’re a cat lover yourself, hit up @catgroomingbytia to make sure your purry friends are always feline good.

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Here’s an ApaSaja editor’s opinion: Every Taylor Swift hater secretly has a Taylor Swift playlist. What’s your favorite Taylor Swift song? Let us know in the comments!

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