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What is Mau Kimchi known for ah?

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Vegan Kimchi - 250g

Beginner's Tub: for those who would like to try it out first and judge it for themselves. Before committing any further.

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Vegan Kimchi - 500g

Precious Tub: This is for the territorial ones. Who wants a tub for their own. Not recommended for sharing.

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Vegan Kimchi - 1kg

Family Tub: This is for sharing, or maybe for one Kimchi Fried Rice occasion. Highly recommended if you are a Kimchi addict who eats it on the daily.

Tell me more about Mau Kimchi!

A local trying to be a certified South Korean domestic goddess by recreating South Korean's national delicacy - Kimchi. Inspired by her own allergies, the recipe excludes any animal product, and uses vegetable-based umami-ness.

Operating Hours

Depends on when I release any new batch of kimchi. But I try my best to keep it within "working hours".

Contact Information

Located in Tungku. Contact for further details!

Preferably DM on our Instagram. WhatsApp available at 8292192.
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