Tips but #5saja : Staying calm in a busy world

It’s a bit different, isn’t it, bringing work home to your safe space? With these two suddenly merged together, drawing the line can be a bit difficult. We’ve asked our Apa Saja crew for tips on how they cope during WFH, and we thought these tips might be useful to you.

1. Get a routine going

We like having a structure. Working from the office got you prepping breakfast, going for a coffee run, commuting, lunch, and a set clock out time. WFH doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a routine.

Having a checklist of things to do can give you that sense of accomplishment throughout the day. Something as simple as writing down cues will help you get through WFH better.

2. Take breaks when you need to

Trust us when we say our screen time count has gone upppp! Take a breather once in a while — go outside for some sun and fresh air, order your favourite dessert home, or even go play with your pets. Anything works to get you off the screen for a bit.

3. Separate your work space from your living space

There’s a pressure to hustle 24/7 now that your workstation is literally in front of your bed. Here’s your reminder to move them and set a dedicated space for work and sleep. Do that this weekend, please! Our office peeps love having a scented candle around; it helps us concentrate better.

4. Don’t forget to exercise

Gyms are closed, we know. But here’s something else you can add to your routine: online fitness classes! Clock in some time to work the stress off.

We’re still on a look-out for more online fitness classes, but here’s a few you can try:

5. Digital detox after working hours

With news and rumours going around everyday, we get a bit anxious too. (Note: please only take in news from reliable sources!) “Switch off” and take some time to walk your dog, meditate, cook up a nice meal or pick up a book before going to bed.

During the first week of WFH, we picked up Am I Overthinking This? by Michelle Rial from Best Eastern. 5 stars and an easy read, for our fellow overthinkers!

So, how do you cope with WFH? Let us know any tips that have worked for you!

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