Where To Find The Best Men’s Hair Clippers For Your Pandemic Haircut In Brunei

Need a haircut? No clippers at home? A lot of things have changed ever since the pandemic started, and one of those things is how men have started to cut their own hair.

Many countries– including Brunei– have ordered that all “non-essential” services should be closed down temporarily to help slow the spread of Covid -19 due to the risk of spreading the virus while operating their business. This harsh reality has forced us to adapt the way we work, socialize, date, shop, worship, travel, and learn— and that includes our personal grooming habits. 

Usually, when we need a haircut, we would go to our favourite barber shop and leave it to them– the professionals– to cut our hair for us. But these days– with the new normal during the pandemic– not anymore. What was supposed to be weeks now turned to months and we are left to either let our hair grow until the barber shops open back or to learn how to cut it ourselves.

It’s obvious that cutting your own hair is now a new skill many men are learning. Yes, there will be mistakes made, such accidental bald spots or uneven layers– but who cares!– no one will see it anyway, and remember, you’re not alone in this.
Of course, it’s important to have the right tools to help you get the job done. So, I have found five businesses that sell good quality hair clippers below. I also have a few self-haircut YouTube tutorials for you to try out at the end of the article!

Get your hair clippers here

1. Digital World Brunei

2. Kedai Jam Brunei

3. Ten Ten Stores

4. Snips Barbershop

YouTube Haircut Tutorials

HOW TO CUT YOUR OWN HAIR | Quick and Easy Home Self Haircut Tutorial

How To Cut Your Own Hair STEP BY STEP – Simple Faded Undercut Self-Haircut Tutorial


For more shops like these atau apa saja lagi, view the complete Apa Saja directory!

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