Blog #TehTarik: Why Indoor Plants Make You Feel Positive

indoor plants

Keeping houseplants has become increasingly popular—being surrounded by nature has proven to be incredibly beneficial to your mental and also physical health.

Houseplants are a great way to decorate your living space, but they do so much more than that. Just the sight of a small plant on a windowsill, or suspended from the ceiling, or even on that shelf in your living room can brighten your day. Studies have shown that having indoor plants does make you feel more positive.

One reason to keep them around is because they’re good for your health. Plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, which means they also eliminate harmful toxins! Aside from that, plants are also proven to help improve one’s concentration and productivity, while reducing your stress levels.

Aside from that, caring for a living thing feels rewarding, especially when they thrive under your care. Below are three businesses where you can pick up your newest plant friend!

Get your new indoor plants here!

1. Rimba Garden Central

2. Green Plants Brunei

3. Plantly Patch

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